I am always forgetting to cancel my turn signals which can be embarrassing, not to mention dangerous .

I found this circuit in the Kawasaki Vulcan Yahoo Group, so I did not design it.It is designed so that when the brakes are applied the indicator LED goes out,but the turn signals keep blinking.

The original design indicated a buzzer, but I chose to use a bright LED. You can use either one.

You can see the components required to make this from the following image. I have included Radio Shack part numbers as well. You need the resistor because the LED is 3 volt.(I cannot believe I remembered Ohm's Law).

Turn signal mod pics.

Wiring diagram and parts list.

Turn signal mod pics.

Where I connected the wires. I soldered the connections. I don't trust the crimp and especially the snap type connectors.

Turn signal mod pics.

The relay and diode.

I ran the two wires to the LED under the gas tank, and I made the LED mount from scraps from my shop.

Turn signal mod pics.

LED mounted at the windshield.

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