This web site is about the 2007 Honda VTX 1300S I bought on April 17th.,2013. I traded in my 2005 Kawasaki VN 800 Classic at the local Harley store.

I removed the saddle bags and the hard trunk from the Kawasaki,and I mounted the saddle bags on my 'new' VTX, but there is no way to install the hard trunk until I can buy a luggage rack.

The only thing the bike had on it was a windshield. The rear seat was removed by the previous owner, and the pipes were modified by him as well.

Anyway, here is my web page. I'll add things as they occur.

VTX 1300 pics.

The bike without the bags

VTX 1300 pics.

Bike with the bags installed.

I built a framework out of aluminum angle stock on which to install my hard trunk.

I had the hard trunk on my Kawasaki VN800, and I kept it for my VTX 1300.

Here it is on my VTX.

I guess I am paranoid about getting hit from behind, so I added extra tail ang stop lights to the trunk.

My electrical connection to the trunk lights.

The first thing I did was to modify the turn signal circuit to improve my safety.

M y turn signal modification.

Next I added a set of voltage test connectors.

Voltage test points.

My next project was to replace the rear tire.

My rear tire exchange.

I checked and adjusted the valve clearances next.

My valve clearance adventure.

I added an auxiliary LED tail/stop light circuit.

My LED tail and stop light.

This web page is about how I replaced the front tire and tube.

My front tire replacement project.

Before I had this bike I had a 2005 Kawasaki VN 800 Classic.

Link to my VN 800.