I am always forgetting to cancel my turn signals which is at the least embarrassing, not to mention dangerous.

I found a turn signal reminder circuit in the Kawasaki VN 750 Yahoo Group.I bought all of the parts at Radio Shack.

The original plans call for a buzzer to sound when the turn signals are on, but because I could not always hear it I replaced the buzzer with a super bright LED from Radio Shack.

Radio Shack part numbers: Relay:275-249. Bridge rectifier:276-1152. Buzzer: 273-066. The LED doesn't have a part number. It's just called "Super Bright LED." I used a 560 ohm resistor in series with the LED, because the LED is rated at 3.5 volts.

The LED is VERY bright, even in daylight.

The purpose of the relay and rectifier is to cancel the buzzer or light when you apply the brakes, but the turn signal still flashes.

Photo of wiring diagram.

Wiring diagram.

Photo of parts.

Radio Shack components.

Photo of light.

Turn signal reminder light.