I order my tires and tubes from the internet.Chaparral Motorsports has given me the best deal,so I have gotten my tires/tubes from them for many years.

I used to take my tires and wheels to a shop to have them remove the old tires/tubes, and install and balance the new tires/tubes. They charged me ยค40.00 for the procedure including disposal of the old ones.

But this spring they went out of business,so a freind talked me into doing it myself (ourselves).He has the tools, so we did it. It took us about 2 hours, and we balanced them with DynaBeads.

I get around 10,000 miles on a set of tires.I installed new tires at 14,000,26,000,36,000, and 47,000 miles.

Here is how I did it. The procedure is simple if you follow the directions in the Kawasaki shop manual, or the Clymer's manual, or both like I did.

Tire change photo.

Remove the exhaust pipes.

Tire change photo.

The bike up on my Sears motorcycle jack.

Tire change photo.

Removal of front brake caliper.

Tire change photo.

Front wheel removed.

Tire change photo.

The rear wheel off.

I have no more photos of this operation, but you can get the idea.

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