On Wednesday, March 6th., 2013 we flew to Austin from Seattle.This was our spring visit with Nancy, Jim,Ben,and David. We didn't actually fly. We rode in an airplane. We found a direct flight from Seattle to Austin on Alaske Airlines.We returned to Seattle on the 23rd. of March, and Yakima on the 24th.

We drove to Allen and Joyce's in Bothell on the 5th., and spent the night there. Wayne took us to SeaTac on the 6th., and he picked us up at SeaTac on the 23rd. We spent the night again at Allen and Joyce's,and the next day,the 24th. we drove back to Yakima.

While we were in Texas we went to Texas State University's Aquarena Center in San Marcos,and the Children's Museum at Baylor University in Waco.We also helped Jim fall a tree in their back yard.I borrowed Rolo's (Nancy and Jim's neighbor) mororcycle and took a ride in the Texas Hill country with a stop at Luckenbach.

Texas State University Aquarena.

Mayborn Museum.

Texas Hill Country.


Before I go to the places we visited I thought I would show some of the other photos I took.they are just random shots of things we did and saw.

Some random photos.

When we were there we helped Jim take down a tree in their back yard.

Photos of the tree removal.

Mayborn Museum in Waco.

Aquarena Center photos.

My photos of Luckenback.

I guess that's it for this trip.

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