On March 10th.,2012 Elaine and I flew to Texas for a visit with Nancy,Jim,Ben,and David.We flew into Austin, and Nancy and Ben met us at the airport and we all drove to their home in Georgetown, which is about 30 miles north of Austin.Our stay was for two weeks. We flew back to Seattle on the 24th.

On the 12th. we all jumped in Jim's pickup for a trip to San Antonio. We stayed at a Holiday Inn near the downtown area.

The only negative thing about this trip was that it was Spring Break for Texas schools from Kinergarten to graduate school which made everywhere we went very crowded.But, in order for Ben and David to be able to go with us we had to during this time.

We got to San Antonio in the afternoon which didn't give us much time to do the tourist thing.We were within walking distance of "Market Square", so we went there for dinner.

Market Square.

We toured the Market, and we ate Mexican food. It was the best Mexican food I can remember having. It was recommended by several of Nancy's friends.

Mi Tierre Cafe.

Here are some pics I took at Market Square.

My photos of Market square.

After dinner we went back to the motel where the kids,Nancy and Jim went swimming in the pool.

Holiday Inn swimming pool.

The next morning we all went to Sea World.

Sea World in San Antonio.

My photos and comment at Sea World.

After we got back from Sea World Elaine, Nancy, and I went to San Antonio's River Walk.

River Walk.

I took a lot of photos, but I've included just a few.

My pics of the River Walk.

The Alamo was a short walking trip from the River Walk, so we went to see it.

The Alamo.

The day before we returned home Rolo and Katie threw a back yard BBQ.

Rolo's BBQ.

While we were at Nancy's Rolo,Nancy's neighbor, let me borrow his motorcycle, a Honda VTX 1800. I took two rides on it.

My motorcycle rides.

That's it for this trip.

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