During the winter of 2008-2009 along with my regular maintenance procedures I also remove the swing arm assembly for inspection and lubricating.

I used the procedures shown in Kawasaki's Service Manual and the Clymer's Kawasaki VN 800 service manual.

Pics of swing arm maintenance.

Bike up on my Sears motorcycle jack.

Pics of swing arm maintenance.

Swing arm still on bike.

Pics of swing arm maintenance.

Swing arm on work bench just after removal.

At this point I inspected and cleaned the swing arm assembly.This was at around 20,000 miles.It still had lubricant in all of the bearings,but after I cleaned and inspected everything I slathered generous amounts of honda Moly 60 on all of the bearings.

Pics of swing arm maintenance.

Swing arm assembly after I cleaned and lubed it.

It is not necessary to break the drive chain to remove and replace the swing arm. But do pay attention to how you took it apart, or you could be doing it more than once.(I did it twice.)

Also you should be aware of the proper way to reinstall the brake panel into the speedometer receiver.The speedometer drive gear in the brake panel must align with the receiver in the hub.If they are misaligned, and you try to tighten the axel bolt/nut you could cause damage to the unit.There is a special tool which was developed by "Asphalt Ace", and I found it in the Delphi Forum's Kawasaki Vulcan Forum.

Pics of swing arm maintenance.

Alignment tool.

Here is how it works:This is done while the wheel and hub are on the bench.Install the brake panel into the hub.Then use the tool to turn the speedometer drive counterclockwise until you hear/feel the two components engage. I used masking tape to hold the assembly in place to be removed after the wheel is installed in the bike.

Pics of swing arm maintenance.

Special tool made from screwdriver.

Now all that is left is to reinstall the wheel back in the bike.

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