In anticipation of getting newer and larger saddle bags, I realized that I would have to relocate my rear turn signals. Looking around in the internet, particularly in motorcycle forums I got some ideas about how they are designed. So, when I saw most of them I came to the conclusion that I could make a set myself, and so I did since I had all of the material I needed in my shop. Not to mention saving at least $150.00 or more. It took me about 2 hours, not including paint drying time.

Photo of ts on bench.

New turn signal unit still on my work bench.

Photo of hole in fender.

Hole drilled in rear fender for wires.

Photo of lights on bike.

Unit installed before wiring and license plate.

Photo of turn signals.

Turn signals with license plate.

Photo of turn signals completed.

I ran the wires along with the tail light wires to their connectors under the seat. I did have to lengthen the wires though, but that was no problem.

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