When you have taken the rear brake assembly apart there is an important procedure to follow when putting it back together.The projections in the brake hub must fit into the corresponding notches in the wheel hub.If they are not matched you could cause damage when you tighten the rear axel shaft bolt and nut.

Photo of brake hub.

Brake hub showing the projections or tabs.

photo of hub.

Brake hub,but you can't see the notches.

One way to do this is to have the rear wheel components on your work bench and try to visually align the two parts, but this can be hit and miss. One sure way to see if you've done it properly is that the rear wheel will spin after you have tightened the rear axel bolt. If the wheel does not spin then you must try again.

But there is an easier and certain way invented by "Asphaltace" from the Delphi Kawasaki Vulcan Forum.

The first thing is to make a special tool. It is made by taking a medium size screwdriver and cutting the end off. Then you cut a slot in the end of the screwdriver shank.

Photo of tool.

Special tool.

I put the wheel and brake hub together eye balling the tabs/notches alignment trying to get as close as I can see. I took the "tool" and inserted it into the speedometer cable hole and turned the "tool" COUNTERCLOCKWISE until they fell into place. You can feel it when it happens.

Then I tape the two components together with duct tape so they won't become misaligned during the reinstallation process.You can remove the tape when you have the wheel installed.

Photo of hub and tool.

Tool in speedometer hole.

Photo of taped hub.

Taped up hub.

That's it. I hope it helps you.

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