In April of 2008 I installed a set of handlebar raisers that I bought from Scootworks.

The removal of the stock handlebars and the installation of the Scootworks kit was easy. Scootworks provided complete instructions for the procedure.

A couple photos of the installation.

Photo of raisers.

A look at the raisers.

Photo of the raisers.

Another view.

There was the possibility that some of the cables and wiring might come up too short. So, I took all of the wiring and cables out of their supports, and just let them flop in the breeze, thereby taking the tension off of them.

The only problem I had was the clutch cable, because it became too tight.So, I loosened the clutch lever assembly, and moved it forward about 2 inches.

Photo of raisers.

Clutch lever relocated.

I also removed some of the hardware clips which were holding the clutch cable where it goes down the frame down tube. This got me another 1 to 2 inches.

I thought I would have trouble with the clutch lever being set the new way, but I didn't even notice the difference.

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