The fuses in the VN 800 Classic are located in the junction box.The junction box is located under the seat and beneath a frame cross member. This means that when access to a fuse is required what ever you have in the way will have to be removed. For me it is the seat and saddle bags.

On my bike I found that it is also necessary to remove the battery, because it was blocking the removal route of the junction/fuse box.This plain sucks.

So I decided to relocate the junction/fuse box. After a lot of looking and thinking I chose the storage/tool box on the right side of the bike.

Photo of old fuse box location.

Stock junction box location.

Photo of storage box.

Right side storage box.

I removed the junction/fuse box from its stock location.

Photo of jct/fse box.

Junction/fuse box removed from its original location.

I then unplugged the two connectors from the box.

Photo of box.

Connectors unplugged.

I then tagged each wire two times about 3 inches apart, and cut each wire between the tags.

Photo of wires.

Wires tagged.

Next was to solder lengths of wire to the wires coming from the wire form. These wires were long enough to reach the other side of the bike and the storage box, and I put protective covering on the wires.I ran them along the under side of the seat.

Photo of wire route.

Route of the new wire form.

Next I soldered the cut off connectors back on to their respective wires that came from the other side.

Photo of  new connectors.

Extended wires soldered to the connectors inside new box.

Then I plugged in the connectors to the junction/fuse box. I secured the unit to the back side of the box with machine screws and nuts.I have about 35,000 miles on this set up with no problems.

Photo of fuse box.

junction/fuse box in its new home.