The Brannons. Where to start? I guess that Ben would be a good place.

Ben was born in Olympia Washington on October 26th. 2001.

Photos of baby Ben Photos of baby Ben Photos of baby Ben Photos of baby Ben Photos of baby Ben Photos of baby Ben

In the summer of 2002 the Brannons moved to Georgetown Texas. It was here that Ben was diagnosed with Autism. Because of his Autism he was started in school at the age of three.

Ben's school.

Ben is now in a regular second grade class. He attends a Learning Lab 2-3 times a day for one-on-one reinforcement of the skills presented in the class room. At school he also receives speech and occupational therapy. Ben will graduate to another school next year which will be difficult because he loves his teachers and school mates.

Ben had a close call one day when he got home from school.( Click on Ben to return here.)

Close call.

Ben also attends horse therapy at ROCK in Georgetown.

ROCK of Georgetown.

Ben has been riding since he was three years old, and has progressed from just sitting on the horse and screaming to standing up while riding, trotting, and using the reigns and verbal commands to control the horse.

Some pics of Ben at horse therapy.

Two days a week Ben attends the Children's Autism Center in Round Rock Texas.He loves to go here, because he has a really good therapist whom he adores. At the Center the therapist works with his language and social skills by using techniques called Verbal Behavior and Applied Behavior Analysis.

Ben's therapy.

Nancy belongs to an organization which is a support group for children with "special needs". This means children with cognitive and developmental disabilities. Nancy was a participant in the founding and organization of this group, and she serves on the Board of Directors. This group is called the Exceptional Georgetown Alliance.

Exceptional Georgetown Alliance.

Did you notice the "Boo Run" in the last web page? Check this out:

Boo Run 2009.

Ben got a baby brother on July, 30th. 2006 at St. David's Hospital in Austin Texas. His mane is David.

Here are some baby photos of David.

Photos of Baby David Photos of Baby David Photos of Baby David Photos of Baby David Photos of Baby David Photos of Baby David

David goes to Kidsport several times a week for gymnastics and other fun stuff.


David has a vocabulary way beyond his age, and he is an interesting person with whom to carry on a conversation. He is articulate and funny.

Here is a recent photo of Konner and Kayden, Ben and David, along with our grand nephews Nicholas and Andrew (Drew Bear) Kostelecky.

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