This web page is about what we did in 2015.

As you might or not know I had two major surgeries in 2014. In March I had an aneurysm in my right iliac artery repaired, and just today, January 12th., I had an echocardiogram of my abdomen and legs, and I see the vascular surgeon next week.Last September I had spinal surgery. A fusion on L4/L5. I have had to wear a back brace since then, but following the doctor's instructions I am weaning myself off of it. And, I started physical therapy with the intent of getting my stomach muscles stronger to help relieve stress on my back.

Elaine and I are flying to Texas on the 11th. of February. I will take photos and post them in here.

So, for now this is all there is.

We got to Texas and back. Here is the link to the trip.

Pics of our Texas trip.

Allen's memorial.

In June we had the Sycamore tree in our back yard removed.

Web page about the tree removal.

We had a huge sycamore tree removed from our back yard in June.The tree was probably older that I am. I am sorry to see it go, but it was sick, but I will not miss picking up the leaves every fall a and spring.

Here are some photos of the removal.

During the week-end of June 19th. through the 21st. there was a baseball tournament in Yakima, and Drew's team was part of it.

Pics taken at the games.

In September I attended a rally sponsored by my riding club.Elaine did not go with me on this trip.

Some photos of the ride and rally.

On October 9th. I took a ride intending to ride to Prosser, Washington, but the ride was cut short at Granger.

I was riding the Yakima Valley Highway when I felt a slight wobble in the front wheel. I stopped at the Conoco station in Granger and checked my tires. Sure enough, I found a small screw in the front tire, and the tire pressure was 20PSI, not 40 PSI.

What to do next? I called for a tow through the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association), and about 30 minutes a tow truck showed up. It was one of those big flat bed trucks designed for hauling trucks, motor homes, etc. The driver lowered the bed, came over snf pushed my bike on to the bed of the truck, put it in first gear, and put the kick stand down.He then asked me to hold the bike while he raised the bed, which he did and I did. He then hopped up on the bed, and took hold of the bike, and I let go. Then I took a step back and there was nothing there except the black top 5 feet below.

The tow truck driver tried to help me stand up, but I had shattered my left tibial plateau. (Which we found out later at the hospital.) I was in such pain that I could not help him. Then a good samaratin came over and got in the cab of the truck, and with the help of the driver he lifted me into the truck.

I passed out a few times, because events are hazy, but beside my leg I had a bloody forehead and bruises on my right knee and both the heels of my hands.

The driver was going to call for an ambulance,but I had him wait until I called my wife. She said to not call an ambulance, and ask the driver to take me to the ER at Memorial Hospital in Yakima. The driver agreed since he was taking my bike there anyway.I had the driver park at the ER entrance where my wife was waiting with a wheel chair. With the driver's help my wife was able to get me in the wheel chair.I told the driver where I lived so he could deliver my bike there, and away he went.

It is now June of 2016. Here is an update:After I got to the hospital I was taken into an ER room. There I was treated for what turned out to be a shattered tibial plateau on my left leg. The injury caused excruciating pain, and I think I passed out at times right after the fall, the ride to the ER, and in the hospital's ER treatment which included X-rays and CT scans.

I had surgery the next day, and I awoke with a leg brace which limited my knee being restricted to being able to bend at 30ยบ. Aftr a four day stay in the hospital I spent two weeks in a nursing home mainly for physical therapy. After the nursing home I went back to the nursing home twice a week for PT. I had to use a wheel chair and a walker until about the middle of February when I was able to walk with out any mechanical devises.

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