This page is about what we did, or what we are planning on doing in 2014.

Earlier in the year I encountered some potentially serious heath problems. As of March 13th. I am waiting for surgery on an aneurism in my right iliac artery, and I have some tumors on my spine, and I have an appointment with my neurosurgeon after my artery surgery. I will update as things happen.

So. With all of this our travel pans are on hold.

I had surgery to repair an aneurism on my right iliac artery on March 19th. It went well, and I am completely recovered. I had an ultrasound and am scheduled for a CT scan next month regarding the operation.

The weekend of April 12th. and 13th. we attended a baseball tournament in Yakima.

The tournament.

We flew to Nancy's on May 28th., and returned on June 11th. Here is a link to our trip.

Our trip to Nancy's.

I had spinal surgery on September 30th. It was a laminectomy,decompression, and fusion of L4 and L5.It is now December 5th., and I am still wearing the back brace,requires by the surgeon. I have to wear it until January. I have somewhat limited movement as well. No heavy lifting, or bending, or twisting.

I have completely recovered from my aneurism surgery anyway.

In September we drove to Allen's and Joyce's for a family get together.

Photos of our visit.

I saw my spinal surgeon on January 12th.,2015. The x-rays showed that the operation was healing as expected, and I started to wean myself off of the back brace per the doctor's instructions.I also, per the doctor,started physical therapy with the goal of strengthening my stomach muscles.

That's about it for 2014.We are flying to Texas in February.

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