This web page is about what Elaine and I did in 2013.

The first half way exciting we did was to go to the elk feeding station which is on the way to White Pass.

Our trip to see the elk being fed.

More to come as it happens.

On March 6th. we flew to Nancy's in Texas. We stayed until the 23rd.

Our March 2013 trip to Texas.

Our annual family/friends BBQ and get together.

In September we went to Richard and Luella's 50th. wedding anniversary. We spent the first night in Livingston, Montana, then we drove to Worland,Wyoming to spend a few days with Mertz and her family.Mertz went with us for the rest of the trip.Our next stop was in Dickinson where we stayed with Gary and Suzie.After the anniversary celebration and visits with friends and relative we headed for Mendota Heights, Minnesota for a visit with Brent, Allie, and Marti.While we there we had dinner with Andy, Allie's brother, and his wife Stacy,Bella, and Fenway.After a few days we drove back to Dickinson for one night before we headed back west. The next day we drove to Laurel,Montana where Jeralyn met us and took Mertz back to Worland. Elaine and I spent the night at Missoula, and drove back to Yakima the next day.

Our trip to Wyoming on the way to Dickinson.

When we left Worland we drive to Dickinson.

Photos or our visit at Dickinson.

Photos of our trip to Mendota Heights after Dickinson.

Here are some photos of our Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving 2013.

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