This web page is about what we did in 2011.

In the winter Konner and Kayden played basketball, and we went to almost all of their games.

Konner and Kayden basketball in 2010 and 2011.

In the spring both Konner and Kayden played baseball. Konner in the Majors Mariners, and Kayden in the Minors Nationals.

Konner's and Kayden's baseball in 2011.

In February Elaine and went to Texas for a visit with Nancy, Jim, Ben, and David.

Texas 2011.

In May we went to Allen's and Joyce's.

Our trip to Bothell, Redmond, and the Stillaguamish River.

That's it for now. More will be added as we travel more.

In july we took Konner and Kayden with us to Brent and Allie's in Minnesota.

Our trip to Minnesota.

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