This is what Elaine and I did in 2010.

As is typical of winter it is very boring. Too cold to work outside, and not excited about doing anything constructive inside. Just wait for spring I guess.

Konner and Kayden play basketball, and we went to most of their games. We also got to see Nicholas and Drew play.

Konner,Kayden,Nicholas, and drew playing basketball.

Later in the spring Konner and Kayden played baseball.

Konner and Kayden baseball.

Brent and Wayne came to visit in the spring.

Brent and Wayne in Yakima.

When Brent went back to Minneapolis we drove to Allen and Joyce's the day before, and Wayne drove him to SeaTac for his flight back.

On February 16th. Allen drove us to SeaTac Airport for out flight to Austin. We were going to fly, but we decided to ride in an airplane instead.

Our flight to Texas.

Our visit in Texas.

This year we drove to Minneapolis with a few stops along the way.

Our trip to Wyoming, Minnesota, and North Dakota.

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