This web page is about our ( Bob and Elaine's ) adventures in 2009.

I had so much to include, but if I put in everything I wanted this web page would be never ending. I have tried to make it so you can click and choose what you want to see.

I made this with HTML/CSS one finger/keystroke at a time, so there may be some mistakes here and there. If you see any please let me know.At times the pages are slow opening, so you have have a little patience.

Before I get started I'd like you all to see the Christmas lights I put up last year. I put a lot of thought, time and effort into them, so I hope you like them. (If you click on the image it should bring you back here).

Christmas lights 2009.

We had a cold spring during which time our grandsons, Konner and Kayden played Little Leauge baseball. They were fortunate enough to get on the same team, The Mets. This is the first time either of them have played organized ball.

Konner and Kayden and baseball.

Photo of Russ and Wendy

The Russell Burns Family.

The Brannon Family of Georgetown, Texas. Nancy, Jim, and Ben moved to Texas in 2002 following Jim's job.David was born later in Austin in 2006.

Photo of the Brannons.

I can't forget Brent. He moved to Minnesota in 2006.

Photo of Brent and Allie.

Brent and Allie.

Brent and Allie.

In June Allen and Joyce,Elaine, and I went to the Oregon beach.

Moolack Shores.

In August we had a family and friends get together at our house.Nancy,Ben,and David came from Texas. The whole Kostelecky family came from Bothell,Kenmore, and Marysville.My brother, Gary came too. So did Gary Burns Jr., and his sons Aaron and Jarod. Dyke and Jean Davis (Allen's sister)were here. Eric Bakker and his friend Carmen attended, and an old friend of ours, Bob Heit dropped by for a while.This was also a birthday party for David Brannon and Kayden Burns.

August get together in 2009.

In September we had our annual salsa making project.

2009 Salsa Party.

In October Elaine and I flew to Minnesota for a visit with Brent and Allie, and then on to Texas for a visit with Nancy,Jim,Ben, and David.

At Brent and Allie's.

We left Minnesota, and flew down to Texas.

Our Texas trip.

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