This web page is about Elaine and I.

There a LOT of pages and photos, so you will have to choose what you want to see.

There are so many happenings to include that I don't know where to start.I have probably thousands of images that I've taken over the years, and I have to choose some of those to include in here too.

I'll start off with photos of us and our children.

Photo of Elaine and I with Ben and David.

Elaine and I with Ben and David.

Russell, Wendy, Konner, and Kayden.

Russell, Wendy, Konner, and Kayden.

Nancy,Jim,Ben, and David.

Nancy,Jim,Ben, and David.

Brent,Allie, and Marty.

Brent, Allie, and Marty.

I started making web pages about us in 2009.I have photos taken earlier than that, but I have not organized them to be included in a web page.

Us in 2009.

Us in 2010.

Us in 2011.

Us in 2012.

Us in 2013.

Us in 2014.

Us in 2015.

Us is 2016.

Us in 2017.

Us in 2018.

Since a lot of our lives involves our grand sons I'll try to see what I can find about them, and show it here.

I didn't take any pictures until after Konner was born. I don't have any photos of Konner when he was a baby, so I'll start at the earliest photos that I have of him.

I'll start with Konner's first birthday party.

Konner's first birthday party.

OK. Now for Kayden's first birthday party.

Kayden's first birthday party.

Moving right along let's go to the first few hours and days of Ben's life.

Ben at hospital and at home in Tenino, and a couple in Yakima.

This page is about David when he was born on July 30th., 2006 in Austin, Texas.

David in hospital and at home.

The Brannons.

It's December, and there's not much happening, so no more pics until something happens.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my little web page.

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